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Haitong Securities Co., Ltd. ( “Haitong Securities”or “Haitong”) was founded in 1988 as one of the earliest securities companies that have not been renamed and did not receive capital injection. The predecessor of the Company is Shanghai Haitong Securities Company. It was converted into a limited liability company in 1994 and later developed as a national securities company. At the end of 2001, the company became a joint stock company. In 2002, the Company raised capital by issuing additional shares and the registered capital increased to RMB 8.734bn, which made it the full-service securities company with the largest amount of capital in the Chinese securities sector. In 2005, the Company successfully took over Gansu Securities and Xing’an Securities to achieve fast expansion at a low cost. In the same year, the Company became a securities firm in the pilot financial innovation program. In 2007, Haitong Securities was listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange and concluded the private placement. In April 2012, it was listed at the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and the registered capital of the Company grew to RMB 9.584bn. Since 2007, the total assets and net assets of the Company have always ranked No.2 in the Chinese securities sector. During many years of development, Haitong Securities has always upheld its business principls of“being pragmatic, industrious, firm and outstanding”and the guidelines of“standardized management, active market development, steady operations and improved efficiency”. It has lived up to its name in risk control field by honoring its“steady and even conservative”commitment and implemented its management objectives of“first-class management, first-class talents, first-class services and first-class efficiency”. As a result, the Company has made remarkable progress in economic and social benefit.

The Company has been actively pushing forward the development of the financial conglomerate by initiating the establishment of Haitong Capital Investment Co., Ltd and controlling five equity investment management subsidiaries including Haitong-Fortis Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd, Haitong-Jihe Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd, Haitong International Holdings Limited, Haitong Creative Capital Fund Management Co., Ltd, Haitong New Energy Capital Fund Management Co., Ltd and Haitong Innovative Capital Fund Management Co., Ltd. The Company is now taking the lead in the private equity investment field in the Chinese securities sector and has built a famous brand in the Chinese private equity investment sector. The Company has controlled Haitong Futures Co., Ltd, whose futures transaction volume and market share have both ranked No.3 in the market and have been rated an A Class Futures Company for consecutive years. The Company also controlled and held equity in specialized subsidiaries including Shanghai Haitong Securities Assets Management Co., Ltd, Haitong Innovative Securities Investment Co., Ltd, Fortis-Haitong Investment Management Co., Ltd and Fullgoal Fund Management Co., Ltd. At present, the total investment amount of the Company in its subsidiaries has reached RMB 14bn which has made the Company a financial conglomerate with securities business as the core and a broad range of business including securities, futures, direct equity investment and fund management.

The Company has been actively pursuing its international strategy and successfully acquired Taifook Securities, an old-brand securities firm in Hong Kong. Taifook Securities was renamed as“Haitong International Securities Group Co., Ltd. to actively facilitate the integration of domestic and overseas business and focus on building business platforms for overseas development. Haitong International Securities Group Co., Ltd. has maintained its leading position in the sector of RMB products in Hong Kong, and is one of first companies obtaining the QFII qualification. It also has completed numerous IPO projects and has been named“King of IPO” in Hong Kong market. On April 27, 2012, the Company was listed at the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited with a raised capital of HKD14.38bn, the largest IPO for a securities company in the history of Hong Kong, which attracted many long-term investment institutions of international importance, improved its governance structure, lifted its international recognition and brand influence and laid a solid foundation for developing overseas business and speeding up the internationalization process.

The Company has a solid brokerage business foundation and has set up 230 business branches in and outside China. The Company now has 4.6mn retail clients and over 12,000 institutional and top clients. The total assets of its clients have already approached RMB1 trillionth. The total turnover of its brokerage business is taking the lead in the market.

The investment banking business of the Company has a strong market influence, especially in IPO underwriting business for financial and high-tech companies. The Company has also earned a reputation for its role in the M&A business of cultural and media businesses. The Company has accumulated experience in serving the SMEs and private business which has ensured a solid client foundation for the Company.

The assets management business of the Company has developed very fast. Its subsidiaries include Haitong Assets Management Co., Ltd, Fortis-Haitong and Fullgoal Fund, with the AUM totaling more than RMB 300bn.

The innovative business of the Company is also taking a lead in the market. The Company was among the first batch of companies to obtain the innovative business qualifications, including margin trading and short selling, agreed buy-back securities transaction, brokerage-over-the-counter business, insurance fund management, independent trusteeship of partnership enterprises, futures assets management and RQFLP.

Looking into the future, Haitong Securities will further improve its strategic layout, create a client demand-oriented business model, shape a diversified service system, establish a uniform and high-efficiency backup system, further improve competitiveness of the traditional business, speed up innovation and transformation optimize income structure, increase risk-fending capacity and write a new chapter for the development of the Chinese securities market and Shanghai International Financial Center.

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